Our Unbreakable Beverage Glass (STD300-T)

We have reinvented the tradition with our vintage tumbler – STD300-T

Our multi-purpose glass, plebiscite by all of our clients, the STD300-T is ideal for all kind of drinks and has a perfect vintage touch.

Details en v2_en_std300_twitter

Here are some characteristics that make our unbreakable vintage tumbler – STD300-T the right choice:

Insulation properties – keep warm or cold liquids more than regular glassware.
Transparent – identical to a regular glass, clear as crystal.
Easy to use – adapted to industrial dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers.
Stackable – the solution to optimise your workspace.

Discover more in our website: http://bit.ly/1LsNB2c


About RBDRINKS® - Unbreakable Glassware & Tableware

RBDRINKS® manufactures, distributes and sells unbreakable and reusable glass & tableware to the B2B channel. With 30 years of experience, our manufacture unit is specialised in unbreakable glass & tableware. Our extensive know-how in this field allows us to rely on high technology to manufacture products tailored to the needs of the global market. We also have a great production flexibility to respond to tight deadlines and to tailor made orders.
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