This Summer, our Retro Glass & Mojito!

The Retro Glass is ideal to serve all your summer drinks and specially appropriate for mojitos.

Mojito GR33-T

Our Retro Glasses (GR33-T) are an excellent choice for intensive use. They are sophisticated, unbreakable and reusable. Our glassware is suitable for professional dishwashers and will remain crystal clear up to 3000 washes.

Stackable glassware is not just a detail, it’s the solution to optimise your workspace.


Last but not least, it’s also a heavy weight glass that looks and feels like traditional glass.

Discover more in our website:


About RBDRINKS® - Unbreakable Glassware & Tableware

RBDRINKS® manufactures, distributes and sells unbreakable and reusable glass & tableware to the B2B channel. With 30 years of experience, our manufacture unit is specialised in unbreakable glass & tableware. Our extensive know-how in this field allows us to rely on high technology to manufacture products tailored to the needs of the global market. We also have a great production flexibility to respond to tight deadlines and to tailor made orders.
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